Holmfirth Local History Group

We are a group of local historians interested in the Holmfirth area.

Historically Holmfirth was a much larger area than the small town, scrambling up the hillsides that hem it into its infeasibly narrow site. It consisted of the townships of Upperthong, Austonley, Holme, Cartworth, Wooldale, Hepworth and Fulstone of which only Upperthong, Cartworth and Wooldale contribute to the town. They spread out over the head waters of what’s now known as the river Holme and its tributaries. We are interested in all of them and in the surrounding area.

As we develop this web-site we hope it will be useful to all who have an interest in this area and its history.

The current plan is that Sources will contain transcripts of original documents with little or no editing or commentary.  The main sources page also gives an overview of published material about Holmfirth.

Members’ Research will contain more varied material; some will be research that draws on and analyses multiple sources but some may be detailed material accumulated for our books but which didn’t find its way into the finished product.

The Holmfirth Past and Present will be based on illustrated talks we have given to the Holme Valley Civic Society.

And don’t overlook the About pages as they also contain background information.

Map of the Parish of Kirkburton and the Graveship of Holme

Watch this space!